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Top 10 Best Dress Designers in the World 2013-2014

Fashion is the most chasing one in this age of men. Every man every woman wants to be more and more fashionable and up to date according to the latest fashion and styles. There were a number of the fashion designers who were the most popular and the most famous and have won many hearts and made a number of fans. Dress designing and the dress making is really a great art by which the designers can earn a lot. They can earn fame and they can also earn hearts of the fans. Here top 10 best dress designers for 2013 are listed. They are the best fashion designers of the world now and they are liked the most by all the men and the women all over the world equally. Let us check out these and know some about them.

1.    Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel Spring Summer 2008 fashion show, Haute Couture Week, Paris, France - 22 Jan 2008
The top the best dress designer of the world in 2013 is none other than the Karl Lagerfeld. Carl owns many important and the most famous fashion designers. He is the best designer for all the times. He is worldwide the best designer for the dresses therefore he is given the first place here in this list.

2.    Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani
He is really a talented fashion designer of the time. He has worked really so much extra ordinary for the men and women. His superb and magnificent work can satisfy any of his clients. He is the 2nd the best fashion dress designer of the world for 2013.

3.    Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani
He is the owner of the most famous dressing label. From the House of Armani Exchange is the famous name for the Giorgio Armani. He is now the 3rd the best fashion designer for the world. He has been working since 1970. He did a lot for the  men and women in dress designing .

4.    Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel is the 4th the best fashion designer of the world. Coco Chanel is a fast emerging fashion designer of the world. She has been introducing new and stylish designs and styles for the women. Her stylish dress makes her work best worldwide.

5.    Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren
He is truly a fashion designer he invented the Polo Style for the women suiting. He is a legend fashion designer in the history of the fashion dress designing. He is equally popular and best for both men and women. Even now he is the best designer of the day. In 2013 he is the 5th the best designer of the world.

6.    Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier
Jean Paul is the famous and the most experienced fashion designer of the world. He is a French fashion designer. He started his work in 1980 and now after more than three decade he is the 6th the best fashion designer of the world. His perfect suiting makes him endear to everyone.

7.    Tom Ford

Tom Ford
Tom Ford is another well name in the field of the fashion designers. Tom Ford is the most famous designer and his brands are known to everyone and everyone must know him and if not him then his brands must be familiar to every man. His famous labels are Gucci, Perry Hills etc. In the field of the men wears he has done a lot job. Tom Ford is the 7th best designer for 2013.

8.    Kate Spade

Kate Spade
Kate Spade was born in the America and she is the most famous fashion designer of the New York City. She designs beautiful dress and the hand bags. She is the 8th the best fashion designer of 2013 in the world now. Her brand name is Kate Spade New York that is on the lips of every woman and every girl. Young girls love to use the dresses designed by the Kate Spade.

9.    Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson
She is a famous dress designer for the females. She is the 9th the best fashion designer and the dress designer of the world. For last many decades she is the best in new designs. This service by this dress designer was started in the late last century.

10.    Marc Jacob

Marc Jacob
He is the most famous American fashion designer. He is the owner of the two famous brands which are the Marc Jacob and the March by Marc Jacobs. He designed a lot of the dresses for the people both men and the women. Marc Jacobs’ brands have wealth of more than 25 billion dollars. He is considered as the best fashion designer of the world as the 10th best dress designer.


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  1. I love the great designers! Keep that good work up guys

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